Guided Training for Your Dental Practice

The Leading Education Platform for Leading Dental Teams

DDU’s innovative platform gives your team all the tools they need to drive their practice to new heights. DDU’s technology allows dentists and their team to learn at their pace – anytime, anywhere. From HR, compliance, marketing, consulting, and more, DDU is the premier platform to help dental teams learn and grow.

What is DDU?

Henry Schein has united the best dental experts in the country under one roof in an unprecedented collaboration. DDU is an interactive virtual guided learning platform that brings these experts’ best systems right to your office in a more convenient, more affordable process.

Instead of closing your office and sending you or your team to expensive seminars, hoping you can all stay accountable for implementation, DDU allows you to achieve the benefits of learning and accountability, guided by a supporting platform. Henry Schein can help determine your needs and goals, establish what courses are needed for you and/or your team and DDU can hold you and your team accountable for assimilating the information.

The robust virtual platform acts as an accountability system and practice management tool to deliver proven systems from proven dental experts.


The DDU Jump Start Program

Guided Learning for Your Entire Team

The DDU Jump Start Program is a unique guided learning program brought to you by Henry Schein. It’s designed to provide a specific level of expertise from top dental business experts to help get your practice where you want it to be. It covers every department, every aspect of leading a dental practice and is accessible on YOUR time and in YOUR environment.

The DDU Jump Start Program is centered around self-paced training modules delivered on a robust learning platform by industry experts in each area. Each of the 16 modules consists of four elements:

  1. In-depth training videos: An in-depth training video taught by industry experts in their respective fields.
  2. Forms, manuals, and resources: Robust supporting documents associated with each module.
  3. Testing: Quizzes follow each module and are compiled for your review.
  4. Dashboard reports: User log-in reports, progress reports and quiz scores aid in team accountability.

The DDU Enrollment Process

DDU’s innovative platform gives you and your team all the tools needed to drive your practice to new heights. From HR to compliance, marketing, consulting, and more, DDU is the premier platform to help your dental team learn and grow at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

DDU’s Inescapable Advantage

Total dental team training, anytime, anywhere.


Individualized, customizable learning allows practices to learn at their own pace.

Learning happens
on-demand and at the business lifecycle of the practice, allowing offices to address issues in real time.


Tracking data delivers accountability and feedback.

Delivered on the most advanced and affordable dental education platform.

Learn. Implement. Grow.

Learn How DDU Can Help Your Practice.

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